Anti Ragging Committee

Anti-Ragging Committee

S. No. Name Designation Contact Number
1. Dr. Rajesh Misra Principal 8194009222
2. Dr. Anand Prakash Medical Superintendent 9818648372
2. Dr. Anil K. Mongia Assistant Professor 9718990141
3. Dr. Harish Chaturvedi Professor 9411547964
4. Dr. Suryakant Nagtilak Professor 9917269263
5. Dr. Aditi Chaturvedi Professor 9410507009
6. Dr. Roopa Hanspal Associate Professor 9456295112
7. Dr. Ashish Goel Associate Professor 9758343457


Anti Ragging Squad

S. No. Faculty Name Mobile Number
Dr. Khurshid Raza 9716147173
Dr. Arsalan Moinuddin 8003720999
Dr. Shikha Dwivedi 8192859387
Dr. Priyanka 9756465889
Dr. Alka 7088338660

The student can contact any of the above to report any ragging activity. Strict action will be taken against anyone indulging in ragging.