K.K.B. Memorial Subharti Hospital

OPD runs daily between 9 AM to 4 PM with review OPD of all clinical departments between 9 AM to 4 PM except for Sunday. There are separate registrations counter and waiting area for male and female patient. Each specialty is provided 4 rooms for examination of patients and office accommodation for doctors, teaching facilities like patient couch, stools, X-ray, view box, examination tray, etc. are provided in each room. Each specialty is provided teaching area with a capacity of 25-30 students. There are separate injection rooms for male and female patients, dressing rooms, plaster room, plaster cutting room, ECG room, Central Clinical lab, speech therapy, audiometric room, immunization room, family welfare clinic, dark rooms, refraction room, minor OT. And Wards. Each ward is provided with doctor’s duty room, nurses’ duty room nursing station, examination/ Procedure room, teaching area and side laboratory. One clinical demonstration area with a capacity of 35-30 seats have been provided in each ward.

Our Hospital provides health care services to the rural as well as urban population of the region popularly known as Pachua Doon with it’s extent starting from Dehradun City and covering but not limited to Vikasnagar, Nazibabad, Saharanpur, Chamoli, Rudraprayag, Pauri Garwal, etc.

K.K.B. Memorial Subharti Hospital is enpanelled to various governmental schemes like CGHS, ESIC, MSBY and is actively involved with various Non Governmental Organizations to provide healthcare needs to the poorest of the poor of the state of Uttarakhand.

Public grevience cell of K.K.B. Memorial Hospital has been established to address complaints of the Patients and we are pleased to inform that with each passing day, patients are increasingly satisfied with our services

Clinical Material
Outdoor Average daily Patient Attendance

1. Old Patient 140
2. New Patient 482
Total = 622


Average bed occupancy per day (percentage of teaching bed) = 55 %

Total No. of investigation

Department OPD IPD
1 Biochemistry 206 137
2 Clinical Pathology 376 125
3 Microbiology 77 29


Radiology Facilities
 Work Load per Day

1 Radiographic 55 Per day
2 Special Radiographic 3 per day
3 Ultrasonographs 51 per day

Operative Work

1 Number of Major Surgical Operation 6 Per day
2 Number of Minor Surgical Operation 11 per day
3 Number of Normal deliveries 1 per day
4 Number of Caesarian Sections` 15 per month