Mandatory Information

  1. Approval letter of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare for establishment of Shridev Suman Subharti Medical College: Subharti approval letter for MBBS seats
  2. Details of the sanctioned intake capacity of various courses UG as well as PGs by the MCI: 150
  3. List of students admitted merit-wise category-wise (UG & PG) for the current and previous yearList of MBBS Students admitted in Shridev Suman Subharti Medical College
  4. Any research publications during the last one year
  5. Details of any CME programmes, conferences and/or any academic activities conducted by the institution: Not Applicable
  6. Details of any awards and achievement received by the students or faculty: Not Applicable
  7. Details of the affiliated university:
    1. Affiliated university Ras Bihari Bose Subharti University, Dehradun.
      Vice Chancellor Dr. Shri Ram Gupta
      Registrar Dr. Manoj Sinha
  8. Result of all the examinations of last one year: Not Applicable
  9. Detailed status of recognition of all the courses: Not Applicable
  10. Clinical Material (as updated on 05/11/2016)

    Outdoor Average daily Patient Attendance

    1. Old Patient 590
    2. New Patient 173
    Total 763

    Average bed occupancy per day (percentage of teaching bed) = 61 %

     No. of investigation Average

    Department OPD IPD
    1 Biochemistry 292 318
    2 Clinical Pathology 336 285
    3 Microbiology 31 54

    Radiology Facilities

     Work Load per Day

    1 Radiographic  73 Per day
    2 Special Radiographic   2 Per day
    3 Ultrasonographs  62 Per day

    Operative Work Average

    1 Number of Major Surgical Operation   8 Per day
    2 Number of Minor Surgical Operation 13 Per day
    3  Number of Normal deliveries 1 Per day
    4   Number of Caesarian Sections` 1 Per day



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